Friday, August 20, 2010

September 2010 Issue--Diabetes & Foot Care

Check out the latest issue of the International Journal of Lower Extremity Wounds this month's topic is Diabetes and Foot Care paying close attention to emerging trends and epidemiology in India. Statistics surrounding both diabetes and amputations is staggering, as Vijay Shukla and Raj Mani state in their article, "Emerging Trends in Diabetic Foot Ulcer Management in India," there are nearly 50 million diabetics in India alone and "worldwide, more than a million amputations are performed each year as a consequence to diabetes, which means that a lower limb is lost to diabetes somewhere in the world every 30 seconds." Read more of this article and the rest of the issue at

Shukla V., Mani R. Emerging Trends in Diabetic Foot Ulcer Management in India. Int J Lower Extrem Wounds. 2010; 9(3):111-112.

Management of the Diabetic Foot

Brief announcement about courses being held on the Management of the Diabetic Foot in Pisa, Italy. For further information please see their website,