Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First IJLEW Post

The weather for the greater part of this last weekend was simply perfect: sunny throughout, a gentle breeze that sprang up when the afternoon sun was turned a touch hot. Lots of spring blossoms amidst a few fading winter blooms. Who now remembers the last winter I wandered, pounding steadily along the hardened mud tracks in the nearby woods? Why think of the winter on such a beautiful day? Well simply because I had been pondering how the global finanical crisis may affect wound management.

Will reimbursement of dressing and devices be affected? Will industry be bolder about supporting good research? And how will wound care be helped by new legislation concerning healthcare in the US? I find more variables in all this than I can count and run at the same time. But it's at such times that runners (and wound healers) have to find fresh wind and with it motivation. The next issue of IJLEW will focus on the Diabetic Foot, related complications, and problems in India where the predicted increase in diabetes is logarithmic!

Raj Mani